23.04.1885 – 09.04.1954

Georg Kaltschmid was born 23.4. 1885 in Kössen, son of the country folk, Anna and Sebastian Kaltschmid.

After his primary schooling he had his initial contact with a band. As soon as he joined this band he began composing. Within a very short time Georg Kaltschmid built his own music-publishing house employing numerous staff.

He traveled widely by train throughout the member countries of the Austrian Empire of the time (Austria, South Tyrol, Bohemia, Moravia, etc.) to Switzerland and Germany, to make his compositions public and to sell them to bands.

After a few years he became the bandmaster of the Kössen brass band.

During the 1st World War Georg Kaltschmid was stationed with the Kaiserjäger (Tyrolean Select Regiment) in the South Tyrol, which had a major influence on his music’s development.

1927, he relocated together with his music-publishing house to Kufstein. Georg Kaltschmid was well known for his versatility and being able to compose in any situations presented to him during his life.

1937, he suffered a stroke which resulted in half of his body remaining paralyzed, nevertheless his handicap did not stop his creative musical work. On 09.04.1954, unfortunately he succumbed to a long lasting illness.

His works cover approx. 326 marches, 52 polkas, 9 french polkas, 6 potpourris, 39 waltzes, 28 funeral marches, 128 songs, 7 overtures, 9 fantasia, 19 schott. rheinländer, 11 idyllen, 41 ländler and 2 hymns.

Particularly well known are his marches „Mein Gruß“ and the „Kitzbühler Standschützen Marsch“, which are frequently played throughout the world of brass band music.

A part of compositions have to this day never been published; we have made a point to rectify this.